Health & Safety


An essential part of Health & Safety management is the delivery of sensible, to the point professional training to those that require it. Unfortunately this aspect of risk management is often overlooked and ignored.

There is a stereotype around the delivery of Health & Safety training. The ideas of ‘bring your pillow with you' or ‘they are going to teach us to suck eggs' are often not too far away. We passionately believe that training should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We also believe that not all training means taking people away from their place of work for huge amounts of time.

Suitable and sufficient training is a legal requirement and the level of training will differ depending upon what your Company does and what levels of risk are involved.

We offer the following training solutions:

Online Training - this avoids the need to remove people from their place of work and is extremely cost effective. Each session is interactive, comes with an online tutor and results in a printed certificate for each successful delegate. Click on the following links for more information.

We have developed online training programmes for the following subjects:

Face to Face Training

We run the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health Courses:

IOSH Managing Safely (four day Course) &

IOSH Working Safely. (one day Course)

These Courses are run at a number of locations around the UK and are recognised by a number of interested third parties such as enforcing bodies, insurance companies and clients. All Courses are delivered by our team of highly experienced Consultants. We also run a number of shorter face to face Courses designed around client specific needs and requests.

Forget everything you ever thought about stereotypical health & safety training. The Courses are interactive and structured to make a real difference in the place of work.

Contact us to discuss your training requirements in more detail and to find out more about our exciting learning programmes.