Health & Safety

Law and Regulations

At its core, Health & Safety Law & regulation is designed to protect people from the risks associated within the business. This includes employees, contractors, visitors and members of the general public. If as a business you take proactive steps to manage the Health & Safety of people, you may well already be compliant with many aspects of Health & Safety Law.

Such laws and regulations are legally binding and if you fail to manage the Health & Safety of people you may well be investigated by enforcing officers such as the health & safety executive and Local Authorities. If you found to be criminally negligent or have breached material health & safety law, you could face fines and possibly even imprisonment.

It is therefore important that you understand your general responsibilities as laid out in health & safety Law. 


There are many Regulations which define Health & Safety Law in the UK - information on these can be found throughout the various subsections of this website. The following two pieces of legislation are seen as the starting point towards legal compliance:

The following links will provide you with a overview of responsibility in the workplace and will give you examples of the possible outcomes of non compliance.