Health & Safety

Management System

Your arrangements for Health & Safety need to be communicated to all employees and employees need to be able to access your policy document, risk assessments and other information relating to Heath & Safety.

In addition, things change; and any updates or changes or additions to your health and safety need to be communicated. You also need to involve staff and consult with them regarding health and safety, and ideally, getting their input and feedback.

All this can be achieved using our online Health & Safety management system. This provides you with your own Health & Safety website that is populated with all your Health & Safety documentation, a copy of your risk assessment and any other information.  There are also electronic forms to allow your staff to make suggestions (or raise concerns) and you can even complete accident forms online. And when there are any changes in Health & Safety that may affect your documentation, the site is automatically updated by our experts.

You can also include your Health & Safety induction and have access to online training via the site.

(You can combine this site with an HR website so you have all your documentation (and compliance) in one place - and automatically updated for you when there are any changes).