Health & Safety

Video Slips Trips and Falls

Watch a short demonstration video of the course and review the course content below: 

Course Content 

1. Responsibilities

We are all responsible for ensuring our workplaces are as free from hazards as possible. In this section we look at how to prevent workplace accidents by taking responsibility, dealing with hazards, making them safe and knowing who to report dangers to.

2. Slips and Trips

Here we look at what slips and trips are and look at how to avoid such workplace accidents. We explain through video, graphics and images many of the potential dangers that may make a slip, a trip or a fall more likely to happen - including those to do with the environment, human factors and housekeeping.

3. Falls

Nearly a third of all major fall injuries involve ladders. In this section we highlight the importance of always using the correct equipment and choosing the least dangerous option if you do need to increase your height. Step-by-step guides show you how to site and use step-ladders and ladders properly in order to avoid workplace accidents.

4. Conclusion

This training will have ensured a better understanding of why slips, trips and falls happen and shown you what falls prevention involves and how you can reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents happening. Here we remind you of your responsibility - see it sort it, if you can't sort it - make it safe and report it. It's the surest way of  falls prevention and reducing the rate of workplace accidents.

5. Taking the Test

After completing every section there is a 20 question multiple-choice test. A certificate can be printed out for each person who takes the test to show they have completed their slips, trips and falls training.