Health & Safety


If you ask a group of successful business owners what are the secrets to their success, one of the common answers that you will receive is: we have good people. There can be no doubt that without ‘good people' any business is doomed to failure.

Health & Safety and Human Resources are in our workplaces to help look after our people. We often get bogged down in health & safety with laws and civil cases. We must remember that the main purpose of what we do should be to ensure that our people (and others who we can affect) have the right to come to work and get to go home again at the end of the working day in good working order.

An Employer must ensure that they do that which is Reasonably Practicable to look after their people. This will involve the development of Health & Safety Management SystemsRisk AssessmentsTraining and variety of other activities.


In this section we focus on the elements of health & safety which have a direct influence on the people that we employ. You can find guidance on each subject, practical hints & tips and a series of templates which you can use within your own business: