Health & Safety


Every day of the week most of us leave our homes and go to work. The meaning of ‘going to work' can differ depending on what your job role is. For example ‘going to work' for some may mean driving around the Country. For others it is perhaps just going to another room within their home.

For many of us it means going to a building which we do not own and working along side our colleagues. Once again such buildings, the processes that take place within them and the equipment used  will differ depending upon the nature of the business and the activities which are undertaken.

When considering the health & safety aspects of the place of work, there are a number of important issues which spread across a number of sectors. In this section we are going to look at these in more detail and consider what you should be doing in a proactive manner to protect your employees and others.


By referring to the sections below you will be able to find guidance and templates for the following subjects: