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Health & Safety Management

As with all aspects of the commercial world, things tend to just fall apart when little to no time is spent managing them. The same is true for Health & Safety. Employers and Managers must spend time managing risk within the workplace. The question which has to be asked is if that time and effort is being spent wisely?

A significant, if not the most important, element of good Health & Safety Management is the ability to understand and mange your workplace risks. This site provides you with information and guidance that can help you develop a Health & Safety Management system that works. You may already be aware that you don't have to make your workplace completely 'risk-free'. You should however aim to be able to demonstrate that you understand your key legal and morale obligations and your systems actually prevent people getting seriously hurt or developing life changing illnesses. Proportionate risk assessment is essential in achieving this.

We are all told that to run a successful business we must measure our performance whenever we can. The same is true in the Health & Safety world. In fact, in the Health & Safety world, it is not just about the measuring of our own performance which we have to take into account. If we allow others into our place of work (such as Contractors) we must also take steps to ensure that they are compliant and performing to the required standard as well.


Because of the importance of effective Risk Assessment, you should find the Risk Assessment and Risk Assessment Guidance sections useful in developing your understanding of what Risk Assessment really is and what it means to your business. And remember, effective risk assessment is not about making a 'risk free' workplace - it's about taking reasonable steps to make sure you, your team, your customers and your guests are not needlessly hurt or harmed.

One mechanism to measure our performance is via reactive monitoring. The problem here of course is that this is after the event. But before people get injured or harmed it's a good idea to find out how things are progressing.  The following are proactive measurement strategies which include the consideration of appointed contractors as well.