Health & Safety

Video Fire Awareness

 Watch a short demonstration video and review the course content below: 

Course Content

1. The Nature of Fire

In order for an employee to participate in the process of keeping the workplace safe from fire, they must have an understanding of fire and how fire behaves. This section explains "The Triangle of Fire", "Fire Growth and Development", and "Fire Spread''.

2. Fire Signage

Signs are used to communicate an important message to prevent disaster in an emergency, and even save lives. This section illustrates the different types of signage used and helps employees to understand their meaning and the importance of following their instructions.

3. Fire Hazards

Following an explanation of potential fire hazards that can occur in the workplace, employees are invited to explore two interactive workplaces in order to identify 10 fire hazards within each.

4. Discovering a Fire

This section explains what action to take in the event of an emergency. Information includes "Raising the Alarm", "Calling the Fire Service" and "Evacuating the Premises".

5. Portable Fire Extinguishers

When most fires start they are very small, but if left to develop, they will grow and spread, causing a great deal of damage and threatening the occupants of the building. This fire extinguisher training shows how to operate common fire extinguishers and the importance of using the right type of extinguisher on each type of fire.

6. Taking the Test

After completing the fire training employees sit a 20 question multiple-choice test, which is evidenced by a certificate.