Making Better Decisions

13/07/2015 Making Better Decisions

Every decision made in your business will be made by you or one of your employees. The quality of the decisions made by your employees will depend on a number of things including:

- Their knowledge of the business

- Their understanding of the business goals and objectives

- Their understanding (and adherence to) your 'values/culture' and how you operate

- How 'committed' they are to the business

- A clear understanding of what you require from them (e.g. a job description and performance indicators)

You can therefore improve the quality of decisions (and therefore the performance of your people and the business) by addressing each of the above and clearly communicating to employees.

This is not pink and fluffy HR - this is about giving people the tools, understanding and context they need to be able to perform effectively.

Ask yourself how clear your employees are about the above. Then ask them? You may be surprised at what you hear.

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