Kids? - They are all just lazy and cause too much red tape - don't they?

16/06/2015 Today the HSE has profoundly pledged it's support to the #iwill campaign. Judith Hackitt (Chair of the HSE) has today given voice to her dismay of 10 - 20 year olds being seen as lazy and causing too much Health & Safety red tape if they were to volunteer for anything.

Judith's statement can be found here:

Mark Wheeldon (Commercial Director of A.C.T) echo's Judith's sentiments and stated: "I have a fourteen year old son who is not lazy (well for most of the time anyway) and is involved in a young leaders programme through our local rugby club. Far too often we hear of Health & Safety being used as a convenient excuse but the reality is much different to the Myth".

Further information can be found on the subject though the A.C.T. Compliance Companion website:

Further information regardsing the #iwill can be found here: 

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